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Competitive quote from International Laboratories and Inspection Organization

ICW acting as a hub amongst buyers, suppliers and world well-recognized laboratories, who provides free lab test quotation and testing requirements online 24-7.

Professional Compliance Consultation

Legal requirements and compliance of consumer products are continuing to increase and update regularly. We have collaborated with laboratories and compliance partners to help resolving all the issues that are blocking the way. Try 'Ask an expert' today!

Knowledge Database

Our compliance database is regularly fetched from the official parties all over the world which maintains the high standard of our platform

Status & Record Tracking

Customer can keep track of the testing/inspection status by accessing our cloud platform 24/7. All the lab test reports and invoices can also be found on ICW system online.

Management Tool

Cloud based collaborative solution allows both buyers and suppliers to manage their product compliance seamlessly to ensure quality assurance, as well as analyze supply chain performance to facilitate future improvement

Analytical Tool

Build-in data structure which enable supply chain performance analysis to facilitate future improvement

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