Are you challenged by managing massive compliance documents?

Are you fatigue to be deadline fighter for every PO shipment?

ICW offers a single channel for process managment throughout entire supply chain, helping you to administer massive & complex suppliers and products with higher efficiency and transparency

Streamline workflow process
Enhance transparency on QA progress
Reduce shipment delay costing


Customized, centralized QA Flow

Flexibility design allowing you to manage your collaborator’s and product’s compliance with customized regulatory requirement.

Timely tracking system for each progress

Oversight of workflow between suppliers and 3rd party laboratories, providing timely tracking and traceability.

Enhance transparency throughout entire supply chain

Visibility to each dynamic across supply chain, protecting company’s branding and reputation.

Powerful data analytic tools

Manage and analyze all certificates/ data from different parties and their performance on ONE platform

Strengthen collaborative bonding and networking

Strengthen and establishing partnership with either vendors, buyers and integrated worldwide testing, inspection and certification companies.

How it works


Active a request with customized QA plan to your supplier.


Supplier upload requested document and report.


Uploaded document could be sent to corresponding QA team/Lab for review.


QA Team/Lab approve and complete QA works, active next QA task or shipment arrangement.