Why apply product testing and inspection service through ICW?

It's convenient

Apply different product testing, inspection, and even factory auditing with worldwide laboratories & institutes at single hub. Manage and analyse ALL certificates & data in ONE system.

We're experienced

ICW has our own experienced compliance team to offer free consultation for product compliance against regulation & standards.

It's cost-effective

Ensure to pay reasonable fees for your project with accredited and recognized laboratories and certification institutes. Working in way of SAVE TIME, SAVE COST..

Full fledged features for your every need

Tender project in seconds

ICW has full support for various projects such as product testing, inspection, and factory audit.

Obtain technical advice

ICW offers live consultation, helping you to find appropriate regulatory standards / requirements your product should follow.

Powerful data analytics

You can manage and analyse all certificates & data from different worldwide laboratories & institutes from ONE platform.

Manage your supply chain

Product / Factory management tools that facilitate your work anytime, everywhere, increasing your supply chain efficiency.

Intelligent risk assessment

ICW offers intelligent assessment for design and labelling that speed up your decision making.

(Note: available features differ based on user subscriptions)
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